Baek Ji Young invites fans to celebrate her birthday at a Gangnam restaurant

Ballad queen Baek Ji Young has recently celebrated her birthday together with her longtime fans of 15 years.

On March 21st, Baek Ji Young prepared her own birthday party for her longtime fan club, Rouge. The party was held at a restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul.  According to Baek Ji Young’s agency Music Works, all the foods and drinks was treated by the singer. Reportedly, Baek Ji Young seemed very happy throughout the party, where she was able to share and hear stories with her fans. 

For the party, fans prepared a lovely birthday cake for the singer. The cake had Baek Ji Young’s portrait and a phrase saying, “HBD Half Eighty.” Most of the lucky fans who were invited to her special birthday party are like friends and family to the singer as they have all been together since her debut.

During the party Baek Ji Young mentioned,  “I am so thankful to have my fans who have always been looking after and supporting me. I hope to be with you guys forever. I sincerely love you all.”

Meanwhile, Baek Ji Young released a collaboration album “Garosugil At Dawn” with a rookie singer Song Yu Bin.

Source: Osen