Baek A Yeon’s Agency Responds To Reports Of The Singer’s Relationship And Upcoming Marriage

It was reported that she would be married in August.

Talented soloist Baek A Yeon is confirmed to be in a “serious relationship.”

Baek A Yeon | @ayeoniiiiii/Instagram

On February 28, JTBC reported that the talented singer would be getting married on August 12 to a non-celebrity. The wedding will reportedly be private, with only family and close relatives invited.

Although Baek A Yeon has not confirmed or denied the report herself, her company EDEN Entertainment responded, confirming that Baek A Yeon is in a “relationship with marriage in mind.”

It is true [Baek A Yeon] is in a serious relationship with marriage in mind.

— EDEN Entertainment

The company also added that they would make an official statement when there was more information for fans.

We’ll share an official statement once there are more details to share.

— EDEN Entertainment

As Baek A Yeon has never been in a dating scandal since her debut in 2012, netizens are especially curious about the singer’s husband-to-be and wishing the best for the couple.

Source: Insight