Baekhyun embroiled in controversy after netizens berate him for bad acting

Baekhyun‘s acting abilities are being questioned by the television audiences and netizens alike following the airing of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

Netizens are actively criticizing Baekhyun, who currently stars as Wang Eun in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, for his poor acting skills. On one female online forum, there were more than 4,000 comments discussing his acting skills. Netizens characterized this as literally foot acting in Korean, which often refers to when an actor lacks the adequate acting skills to keep the audiences engaged in the show.

Comments have also criticized IU for her acting ability, characterizing both IU and Baekhyun as “awkward” or “inappropriate in a historical drama.” One comment went so far as to say that Lee Jun Ki, the lead role, is compensating for their shortcomings. Netizens lamented the fact that because Scarlet Heart is a pre-filmed production, there is nothing much that can be done to edit the acting.

Many netizens have subsequently praised Lee Jun Ki and Kang Ha Neul while showing concern for the future episodes to be aired.

Source: Pann