Baekhyun loves to flaunt his nakedness in EXO’s dorm?

Baekhyun shared an interesting confession about what he does behind-the-scenes in EXO’s dormitories. 

On September 19th, Baekhyun joined fellow EXO members as guest on MBC’s Every1 Star Show 360. During one segment of the program, the whole group talked about Baekhyun and made a request saying, “Please try to hold back when it comes to flaunting your physical needs and natural physical phenomenon (farting), Baekhyun.” This led to Kai to add that, “It’s really bad. He should be able to suppress it, but he doesn’t.”

In response, Baekhyun explained that he only does it to break the ice between the members and confessed that, “I even walk around the dormitories naked.” 

When the MCs heard this, they said he should not have to suppress it if he doesn’t feel like doing so. It was then suggested that they should record it and use it as a ringtone, causing laughter on set.
Image taken from MyDaily

Source: MyDaily