Baekhyun Gives Out A Sasaeng Fan’s Phone Number On Live Broadcast

He had the wrong number.

EXO‘s Baekhyun was interacting with his fans on his Instagram Live when the connection got interrupted by what he claimed to be a ‘sasaeng’ fan calling. Baekhyun revealed the phone number live and warned the caller to stop harassing him.

A ‘sasaeng’ fan is an over-obsessive fan who often engages in stalking and other behaviors that clearly invade the celebrity’s privacy.


However, in the process of calling out the phone number, Baekhyun messed up and ended up giving out two different phone numbers. One of the phone numbers turned out to belong to a 40-year-old woman who didn’t know anything about EXO. She pleaded for everyone to stop calling her with threats.

When Baekhyun’s fans began calling, texting, and instant messaging the woman’s number, she updated her profile to say “I don’t even know how many members there are in EXO. Please stop calling this number.


When things got way out of hand, Baekhyun uploaded an explanation on his Instagram account saying, “Please stop calling the number. I made a mistake and called out the wrong digits. It’s not the sasaeng fan’s number. I don’t want my mistake to harm anyone anymore. Please stop calling that number or mine.

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He apologized for being thoughtless to have reacted the way he did.


While Baekhyun received a large amount of criticism for this incident, it has raised privacy awareness once again.

This has brought attention back to the sasaeng fandom problem, which has been a continuing issue in South Korea. Celebrities are constantly having to fight for their privacies, against these so-called-fans who go above and beyond to reach them.