Baekhyun Returned To Twitter And Blessed Fans By Confirming He’s Working On Solo Music

Fans hadn’t seen this one coming.

Following EXO‘s promotions for “Obsession” from the full-length album of the same name, fans have been missing seeing the group together. To voice how much they’ve been missing them, fans took to Twitter to express it.

Their words didn’t go unnoticed, either. Baekhyun saw a lot of the posts about them and returned to Twitter to raise their spirits, revealing some good news they hadn’t been expecting.

Baekhyun first addressed fans by reciprocating how much he missed them as well. He didn’t even do it in one single tweet; he did it in two, showing just how serious he was: “Everyone, I miss you. I miss yooouu!”

Following those adorable tweets, he shared a photo of a smaller version of a recording studio. While some fans were preparing their wallets for whatever was being worked on, others wondered what it meant.

One fan tried to get a closer look at what was on the sheet, trying to find out what the music was for, whether it be signaling a group comeback. Baekhyun responded to the lucky fan. “To clarify, it’s for my solo.”

After the release of “UN Village” and the masterpiece that was City Lights, fans can’t wait for new solo music from him.