BamBam Had To Beg Park Jin Young Not To Whisper “JYP” In “Never Ever”

In a recent appearance on Weekly IdolGOT7 shared an interesting fact about their latest track, “Never Ever”.

On March 15, GOT7 returned to Weekly Idol, having recently made their comeback with the track “Never Ever”. On the show, the group explained what happened behind-the-scenes for the process of their comeback. Jackson revealed that none of the members were involved with the creation of the title track this time around.

The members went on to reveal that the track was produced by JYP Entertainment’s J.Y. Park, who is often responsible for writing the title tracks for groups on the label. 

“It was J.Y. Park that made the track and gave the title. Originally, the JYP signature sound was almost in it.”

— GOT7

When asked why JYP’s signature whisper intro was not included, they revealed that BamBam was against its inclusion. It was explained that the signature whisper did not work for the track and BamBam asked for it to be removed.

A few years ago, J.Y. Park confessed that he adds his whisper of “JYP” into all of his songs as a form of fan service.

Source: Herald