Bang Chan Finally Reveals The Official English Names For Each Stray Kids Member

Do you think their new names suit them?

Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan made an exciting revelation during a Twitter Blueroom live broadcast when he announced the official English names of each member.

With the group’s international fame and many members being either fluent or passionate about English, fans have been anticipating this for some time.

Beforehand, only Chan and Felix had English names. Having grown up in Australia, Chan was also known as Chris during his pre-debut days.

In quick succession, Chan rapidly revealed the English versions of each member’s names. All had been approved by the leader, and some had even been suggestions from Chan.

Some of the names sounded pretty fitting. Woojin was introduced as Jacob, Hyunjin as Sam and Han’s English name was revealed as Peter.

Seungmin had a pretty unconventional and unique name with Sky. Some fans have found this perfect for Seungmin who is now their entire “sky”.

I.N asked Chan for advice for his English name. In response, Chan suggested he name himself “Bob”, which the maknae gladly adopted.

While Changbin was introduced as Lewis, Chan had been pushing for another name.

Ideally, in Chan’s world, Changbin’s English name would have been Bartholomew. During the live broadcast, the leader kept on pushing Changbin to adopt this name.

Bartholomew is currently an uncommon name and not an easy word to pronounce for those who aren’t native speakers.

Needless to say, some fans have been pretty pleased that Changbin said no to “Bartholomew”.

And finally, Lee Know introduced his English name as Lee Know.

But Chan had other plans and quickly renamed Lee Know as “Rhino”.

Even though this is an unusual name, Lee Know accepted his new name as Rhino. And it even rhymes with his stage name!

While some fans have been appreciative of their new English names, others couldn’t take them seriously.

Do you think their new names suit the members?

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