Bang Si Hyuk Is Preparing A New Boy Group To Follow BTS

Big Hit is planning a brother group to BTS.

Bang Si Hyuk, the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, is preparing for a new boy group for the first time since creating BTS.

In a recent interview, he revealed his plans on debuting the new group by using the same “success formula” that he used to create BTS back in 2013. He wouldn’t specify his secret strategy, but it will most likely deal with social media.

It makes sense as Big Hit has largely benefited from social media in growing BTS to global giants.

BTS had the most engagement on Twitter this year with over 502 million likes and retweets. Their number crushes global figures like Justin Bieber and Trump, who recorded 22 million and 213 million respectively.

Source: Shareablee, Inc

But BTS fans won’t have to worry about Big Hit focusing more on their upcoming group. Bang PD wants to generate as much revenue as the top American stars for BTS, which will most likely be his priority.

Either way, fans around the world are very curious about Bang PD’s upcoming boy group.

Bang Si Hyuk had also touched upon the possibility of making Big Hit Entertainment a public company.

“I wish to complete the formula for success with my own experience, and I wish to share this with all my colleagues.”

— Bang Si Hyuk

Source: Bloomberg