Bang Si Hyuk Shares Confidence In HYBE’s Ability To Replicate BTS’s Billboard Success

“The experience of managing BTS and operating different labels gave us access to powerful networks, infrastructures, and experiences.”

The K-Pop world is currently watching BTS members embark on their military enlistment journey, and fans can’t help but wonder: is there another act that can reach the same global phenomenon status? In a recent interview with Billboard, HYBE chairman Bang Si Hyuk shared his thoughts on the future of K-Pop and whether we could see another group skyrocket to success.

As Jin and J-Hope begin their military service, with more members to follow, BTS will be inactive as a full group for some time. So, it’s no surprise that this period of inactivity has sparked discussions about the possibility of another K-Pop act achieving similar success.

BTS’s Jin | Weverse

Bang Si Hyuk, the mastermind behind BTS’s label and its meteoric rise to success, was asked if HYBE could replicate the global success of the beloved boy group, leading to an insightful answer that sheds light on the potential of the K-Pop industry.

 If your question is about the possibility of creating an artist like BTS again, the answer is no.

— Bang Si Hyuk

While this statement may come as a surprise to many, ARMYs won’t be shocked — Bang has repeatedly shared how highly he thinks of each member and how unique the group is. While creating “another BTS” is an impossible task to him, HYBE’s chairman shares that the same thing can’t be said about replicating the group’s success.

However, if you were to ask whether there would be a K-pop artist from HYBE that tops the Billboard Hot 100 chart, my answer would be yes.

— Bang Si Hyuk

HYBE Labels’ newest girl group Newjeans | ADOR

Bang Si Hyuk’s confidence in topping the Billboard charts again comes from the valuable experience and resources gained through managing BTS and operating different labels. He explained that thanks to the networks and infrastructures created based on these experiences, repeating BTS’ remarkable results is definitely possible.

The experience of managing BTS and operating different labels gave us access to powerful networks, infrastructures, and experiences. With these, HYBE can repeat its remarkable results with the help of talented artists.

— Bang Si Hyuk

HYBE Labels’ newest boy group ENHYPEN. | BELIFT LAB

BTS has indeed set the bar high, with members even achieving solo success following the group’s “hiatus” announced back in June. For instance, Jimin‘s single “Like Crazy” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on April 3, making him the first BTS member to accomplish this feat as a solo act. This monumental achievement is a testament to BTS’s enduring influence and the potential for other K-Pop artists to make their mark on the global stage.

Jimin in “Like Crazy” music video. | BIGHIT MUSIC

Of course, BTS isn’t the only K-Pop act achieving significant milestones. BLACKPINK, for instance, recently headlined Coachella, one of the world’s most prestigious music festivals. This achievement speaks to the growing international success of K-Pop acts and the genre’s impact on global music culture. That said, each group has its own unique color. Both BLACKPINK and BTS have achieved amazing feats, and they have done so with different levels of success in different areas.

BLACKPINK at “Coachella” | @__sooyaa/Instagram

While it’s undeniable that BTS has left an indelible mark on the world of music, Bang Si Hyuk seems certain HYBE has the resources and experience to cultivate more chart-topping acts. It might be impossible to recreate the unique magic of BTS, but the groundwork they have laid has opened doors for other talented artists to shine.

Source: Billboard


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