Bang Si Hyuk Was Just Spotted Having a Lovely Time at BTS’s Fan Meeting in Seoul

Bang Si Hyuk was also seen purchasing a bag of BTS goodies.

BTS recently held the MUSTER fan meeting in Seoul where a man carrying a bag of BTS goodies and enjoying himself ahead of the actual fan meeting drew particular attention from other BTS fans.

The reason why the stood out so much was that he was none other than Bang Si Hyuk of BigHit Entertainment.

On the day of the fan meeting, Bang Si Hyuk was spotted at Seoul Olympic Stadium roaming about and enjoying the various activities that were prepared for fans before they entered the stadium for the actual fan meeting.

What proved his love for BTS even further was the big bag of goodies he was seen purchasing and carrying around the lot.

On top of that, he was even seen lining up for the fan meeting himself alongside other BTS fans.

With the CEO of BigHit Entertainment being so involved in his artists’ lives, it’s no wonder the agency grew so much over the years to become the giant it is today.

Source: Insight