Bang Si Hyuk Reveals The 3 Qualifications That He’s Looking For In The Debut Members From “I-LAND”

It’s not dancing, singing, and/or acting.

Bang Si Hyuk of BigHit Entertainment is just about ready to unveil his upcoming boy group survival competition, titled I-LAND, with Mnet. The show is said to be looking for the next group of male idols who will become the “2nd BTS”.

And as the 23 contestants have officially been revealed, many are wondering what it’ll take for them to make it as the final debuting member lineup.

In an online press conference, Bang Si Hyuk revealed how he’ll be conducting the show and judging the members. He first pointed out that the standards he had while preparing BTS will not be relevant for today as the expectations and skillset of K-Pop artists have changed drastically.

And he’s excited to help produce the next world star idols.

Over the past decade, the image of K-Pop artists that the public has had changed and leveled up immensely. The public has a higher expectation.

I, too, decided to join the program after getting excited about potentially meeting the next artists who can fulfill those expectations.

— Bang Si Hyuk

He clarified that since the contestants are still only trainees, he is not only seeking those who are ready to debut now but those who have a lot of future potential.

He claimed, “Instead of looking at how the applicants are right now, I plan on looking for their hidden talents and potential.

Bang Si Hyuk went into further detail to explain the 3 qualifications he’s looking for in the debut lineup. He will be judging them in 3 main categories: teamwork, assertiveness, and future potential.

Individual appeals are important, but I will also be looking at how they contribute to the team.

It’s important to complete the missions well, but I will be judging on whether they can act spontaneously on their own without directions from others and if they can hold themselves responsible to it. I will see if they can become artists who can live their life by paving the way.

Lastly, I will be judging their future potential.

— Bang Si Hyuk

Out of the 23 contestants, only 12 will be able to debut as the final members of I-LAND‘s boy group. Nothing about their debut plans and promotions have been confirmed yet, and Bang Si Hyuk claims it won’t be complete until the end of the show because it all depends on how the trainees grow through the program.

He explained, “I feel it will be influenced by how the 23 contestants grow and improve through their experiences.

Bang Si Hyuk, alongside top stars Rain and Zico, are set to be the mentors and producers of the group. Bang Si Hyuk revealed what kind of role he plans on taking in training the members.

Instead of having the candidates bury themselves in the competition and complete the missions as told, I will play the role of helping them choose on their own and grow.

— Bang Si Hyuk

Rain also plans on focusing more on the contestants than the missions. He wants to make sure that the trainees are well taken care of not just physically but also mentally.

Instead of overseeing the know-hows and skills, I will do my best to manage the contestants’ mental state.

— Rain

Zico plans on using his creative mind to help the trainees awaken skills that they aren’t even aware of yet. He plans on using his own experiences to share all the know-hows and tips.

I will help the trainees discover and awaken their hidden talents that they themselves are not aware of. I will use the experiences I’ve had working in the field to share tips with them without holding anything back.

— Zico

I-LAND is scheduled to begin airing on June 26 at 11pm through Mnet.

Source: Herald Pop