Bang Si Hyuk Reveals Big Hit’s Profits For 2019 So Far, A New BTS Game, A BTS Themed Drama, And A New Girl Group

“Hitman” Bang be dropping all the news today.

Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk announced in a press conference held today the amount of money the company has earned so far in 2019, and also had a few more surprise announcements that are sure to delight ARMY around the world. Oh, and of course, a new girl group.

Speaking at the Samyoo Center, right next to COEX, Bang Si Hyuk and co-CEO Yoon Seok Joon first announced Big Hit Entertainment’s revenue and profits for the first half of 2019.

Big Hit Entertainment has already achieved ₩200.1 billion KRW ($165,596,757 USD) in revenue for the first half of 2019 (January 1 to June 30), which is equivalent to the revenue we had in all of 2018. We have recorded an operating profit of ₩39.1 billion KRW ($32,357,987 USD), which is almost 2/3 of last year’s profit of ₩64.1 billion KRW ($53,047,237 USD).

Big Hit Entertainment is going to revolutionize the music industry. We want to improve the quality of life for our members and industry employees by increasing our sales, expanding our market size, and improving the system by changing the process and adding more value to existing ideas.

We will do this by innovating new customer experiences, expanding our value chain, establishing a good customer ecosystem, and create new areas of business

— Bang Si Hyuk

He then talked about something that will excite ARMY around the world: more BTS content!

We are working with a famous Korean drama production company to produce a drama where the theme is based off of BTS’s outlook of the world, and the drama is expected to be revealed in the second half of 2020.

We are also preparing a new game with Netmarble using BTS’s storytelling IP (intellectual property).

— Bang Si Hyuk

Finally, he mentioned the start of a new girl group, and how they will begin hold auditions soon with Source Music.

Big Hit Entertainment recently established a multi-label structure. We are stepping up our reform efforts by specializing in various areas, one of which is supported by Source Music.

Now, we will hold a global auditions with Source Music. We hope everyone will look forward to the auditions that will be held to form Big Hit Entertainment’s new girl group.

— Bang Si Hyuk

Source: Star News, Yonhap and Newsen