Bang Si Hyuk Revealed His Thoughts On TXT’s Career So Far And Advice For Their New Promotion

Bang Si Hyuk’s baby boys are growing up!

TXT held a showcase for the release of their new album, “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY”. During the showcase, the members sat down for an interview where they revealed some inside look into how their main producer, Bang Si Hyuk, viewed their progress so far.

Unsurprisingly, Bang Si Hyuk is extremely proud of TXT’s efforts so far. The members revealed that their producer showered them with endearing praise, such as “You’ve successfully pulled off your assigned contents so far“, “You’ve become extremely high quality“, and “It’s all thanks to your capabilities.

In response to their latest album, Bang Si Hyuk wants the members to shine in their own individual charms!

We were touched because he told us, ‘Starting from this promotion, I want to see you portray your individual charms’ and ‘You can definitely do it.’

— Soobin

And by the looks of these drop dead gorgeous boys showcasing their own distinct styles in their latest performance outfits, MOAs are in for a heckuva treat!

Now that 2 years have passed since their debut, the members revealed what kind of new projects and goals they have in mind!

Since we worked on raising awareness for our team last year, I want to focus on introducing each of the members’ charms starting from this promotion

— Soobin

Beomgyu hopes to be able to hold their first solo concert when the global situation dies down enough for large gatherings to be safe again!

It won’t be easy due to the many factors happening these days, but I believe it will happen one day. I’m going to continue working hard for that day.

— Beomgyu

TXT’s new album and their title track “Can’t You See Me?” drops today at 6pm KST!

Source: eDaily