Former TREASURE Member Bang Yedam Signs With New Label

We wish the best for him and his future!

Ever since Bang Yedam and Mashiho unexpectedly left TREASURE in November last year, fans of the two idols have been waiting to hear what the future has in store for both of them.

Bang Yedam

Just yesterday, we posted an update on what we know about where the two former TREASURE members are now. Both have since opened their own personal Instagram accounts, and it seems that they each want to pursue music in their own ways.

Yedam even announced during a livestream near the end of June that he plans to release one or more albums in the rest of 2023, though he didn’t share any further details at the time.

Earlier today, however, he took to Instagram to make a new post about what his future in the music industry looks like! It turns out he joined a new label, GF Entertainment, which is presumably who he’s been working with on his upcoming album.

Bang Yedam

He also thanked TREASURE fans for supporting him through his journey as an idol.

Hello this is Bang Yedam.

I have joined a new label, GF Entertainment.

I would like to thank Treasure Makers for supporting me since my TREASURE promotions and I would really like to thank YG Entertainment who has allowed me to grow into the person I am today.

I will be showing you many different sides of me through my promotions so please be on the lookout for me.

Thank you.

Bang Yedam

The comments section was flooded with love and support for Yedam and excitement for what he has in store!

We wish all the best for Yedam and his future!