Bang Yongguk Shares Handwritten Letter Following Departure From B.A.P

He explained why he was leaving.

It has been a hard few days for fans of B.A.P after news of Bang Yongguk’s departure was confirmed. 


The group’s leader decided to part ways with TS Entertainment and B.A.P and opted to not renew his contract. He has been under the agency for 7 years. 

Bang Yongguk Leaves B.A.P and TS Entertainment

To further appease his fans’ worries, he posted this heartfelt message on his personal Instagram account. 

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“A letter written under a beautiful moon at dusk.

I first want to bow my head and apologize for having to share unfortunate news to all of the BABYs who have treasured B.A.P.
Everyone’s hearts. I’m taking on the responsibility with a heavy heart.

This is how much it’s important to me. Please understand the meaning behind it.

It’s impossible to put into words how much strength the B.A.P members and BABYs have given me since my debut.

If I look back, I was a small and worthless person who was able to grow into a big and amazing artist thanks to the members and the fans. I feel indebted.

I will forever hold my appreciation in my heart and never forget.
Thank you for giving me an overwhelming amount of love, support, and growth.

Please take care of B.A.P and the members that I treasure so much.
I will always continue to make music as the past leader of B.A.P. Please look forward to it.

I’ll always love you and respect you.

From, Bang Yongguk.”

— Bang Yongguk 


He assured fans of the great responsibility bestowed upon as the leader of the group and apologized for disappointing them. He ended the letter with a show of support for the remaining members as they continue with their scheduled activities as 5 members. 

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Rest assured that Bang Yongguk will forever be with his fans through his music. 

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