Bang Youngguk Opened Up About His Long Battle With Depression

“When I was younger, I let it pass, not realising it was depression”

Bang Youngguk opened up about his long struggle with depression in a recent interview with NME. Youngguk has struggled with mental health for a long time, he was diagnosed with a panic disorder while promoting with B.A.P in 2015.

Youngguk initially considered quitting music completely once his contract expired with his agency but he confessed feeling empty inside without music which is what pushed him to release his self-titled album.

Youngguk was very candid in this interview, talking about how hard life has been for him:

I’ve always felt a lot of pressure towards myself. Even though I was doing my best, it was like, ‘what are you doing, you should be trying even harder’. When I was younger, I let it pass, not realising it was depression. I also thought maybe I’m too old to get help.

– Bang Youngguk

Thankfully, Youngguk realised that it’s never too late to get help and depression is nothing to be ashamed about. Though, he does believe he can never be truly cured:

I’ve never felt embarrassed about myself in regards to this. I’m getting treatment and I’m diligent in taking my medication. To be a little more honest, I’ve come to believe that I won’t be able to take myself out of this depression.

– Bang Youngguk

He finished the interview by reflecting on his time with B.A.P:

I’ve left the company but I don’t think I’ve withdrawn from B.A.P. as I still see myself as B.A.P’s leader. I still believe there’ll be a time when when we make an album together.

– Bang Youngguk


Source: NME