[★TRENDING] B.A.P and TS Entertainment to hold first court trial in March

B.A.P and TS Entertainment will be entering their first trial in March as they proceed to find a court solution and decision in their current contract dispute.

According to the Seoul Western District Courts on February 22nd, all six members of B.A.P have scheduled their first court trial against their agency, TS Entertainment, for March 13th.

B.A.P first filed a lawsuit against the agency on November 26th, 2014 for a contract nullification while citing unfair treatment. B.A.P claimed that the contract they had signed back in 2011 turned out to be too beneficial for the agency and too disadvantageous for the members and also stated the unfair profits and terms of termination of contract.

In response to B.A.P’s lawsuit, TS Entertainment denied the claims of unfair treatment of artists and “slave contracts.”

However, the Seoul Western District Courts have also stated that the March 13th trial may be postponed due to the recent changes and transfers of the District Courts’ personnel. With the lead justice department in charge of this B.A.P case undergoing a switch, there is a high possibility of the trial date being postponed.

Both B.A.P’s party and TS Entertainment have stated that they hope for an amicable outcome on behalf of each other, however, they could not overcome the conflict and resorted to leaving it to the legal justice system.

Subsequently, B.A.P members Daehyun, Jongup, and Youngjae shared a photo and several tweets on their SNS accounts thanking fans for continuously showing their patience and support.

TS Entertainment has also released a second statement regarding the lawsuit, rebutting the claims that B.A.P filed for profit documentations and terms of contract.

Source: Star News