B.A.P currently in talks with CJ E&M for exclusive contract

In a recent update regarding boy group B.A.P, reports revealed the members had a meeting with senior officials from CJ E&M‘s music division.

According to music insiders, B.A.P and the CJ E&M’s officials discussed the possibilities of signing an exclusive contract with the company. Although the two parties are currently divided about certain terms of agreement, there is a high possibility that the group will resume music activities under CJ E&M.

However, technically B.A.P is still under contract with TS Entertainment with whom they are currently in conflict with. All six members filed a suit of contract termination with the agency in November 2014, and has since then been on hiatus. Their move to CJ E&M may possibly move to more conflicts. A formal trial between B.A.P and TS Entertainment has yet to occur due to delays.

Source: TV Report