B.A.P’s Youngjae Opens Up His Honest Thoughts On What It’s Like To Promote Without His Members

He confessed his honest thoughts.

Youngjae first debuted as a member of B.A.P back in 2012 but officially launched his solo career as a musician and actor starting from early this year as B.A.P’s promotions came to an indefinite halt.


After being on his own, Youngjae opened up honestly about the difficulty he’s been facing without his members. Most notably, he confessed that he misses his members and that he’s lonely.

But Youngjae is trying to push forward knowing that he’s in a period of his life where he’s investing in himself.

The past 7 years… I miss it. After starting to promote as a soloist, I felt lonely.

There are times when I miss promoting as a group but I’m in a period where I’m investing in myself.

My career as a soloist is just beginning. I have the background of B.A.P but our group can’t be active right now, and promoting as only Youngjae brings on a whole new different responsibility than releasing a solo album while still promoting as a group. I’m creating a brand called Youngjae right now.

— Youngjae


He also revealed the biggest difference between promoting with B.A.P and as a soloist. He’s able to pursue the type of music he prefers and hopes to gain recognition for his talents.

I want to show everyone through my dance, music, and performances. I want to be acknowledged for my music.

My new title track will give me an opportunity to show a different side to myself. B.A.P usually had powerful songs and performances. I had to sing strongly while scratching my voice.

I’m now writing soft and ticklish toned songs that I prefer.

— Youngjae


Another big change that he’s been feeling is that it’s become harder to keep up with all of his schedules and performances! He remembers it being easier when he was with B.A.P.

My endurance has gotten more difficult.

In the past, I was busier than I am now but if I just tried harder during tiring times, I was able to re-energize myself. But these days, even if I try to work harder… (laughs).

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m trying to fill the stage by myself or if it’s because I’ve gotten older. I’ve been taking daily vitamins starting this year.

— Youngjae


Finally, he recalled the very beginning stages of B.A.P. As he reminisced their rookie days, he gave a thoughtful advice to his juniors.

Whenever I go to music show sets, I see a lot of teenage idols.

I hope that they will take pride in their activities and be ambitious with their music. I hope they’ll feel a sense of responsibility.

I say this because the B.A.P members were like that around that time too. The members all tried to be satisfied with our stage and music. We tried to approach our audience as best as we can.

But first and foremost, I hope they take care of their healthy during their promotions.

— Youngjae


Although the B.A.P members are pursuing different career paths for now, BABYs can rest assured that the members’ thoughts are always with each other!


Check out Youngjae’s latest track “Forever Love” below:

Source: Sports Donga