Baskin Robbins’s “BTS 7 Cake” Criticized For Unreasonably High Pricing And Lack Of Uniqueness

“I thought a collaboration ice cream cake with BTS will be more special than this.”

Baskin Robbins Korea recently unveiled a new cake collaboration with BTS, called the “BTS 7 Cake”. The cake is shaped like the number 7 and features 7 different kinds of ice cream flavors.

They also launched the “BTS 7 Signal Light” promotion, where a limited amount of those who pre-order a BTS 7 Cake will be given a goods promotion that’s the same. The goods is a light that looks like the number 7. Afterwards, the BTS 7 Signal Light can be purchased for 3,900 won (~$3 USD) to those who purchase the cake.

As ARMYs from all over the world are excited for the new collaboration, Baskin Robbin’s has also received criticisms over the pricing of the new cake.

The BTS 7 Cake is priced at 26,000 won (~$22 USD). It’s the similar pricing to many of the other ice cream cakes sold by Baskin Robbin’s. But the BTS 7 Cake is considerably smaller than the other cakes that are priced around the same range.

The other cakes that are priced at 26,000 won are 1,112~1,360 mL in size, but the BTS 7 Cake is 713 mL. The cakes are scheduled to be sold in stores like the other cakes.

Some fans are also disappointed by the fact that the only main difference between BTS’s cake and the other cakes is that it will be shaped into the number 7. Many expected a more special distinction, such as new flavors or decoration, as it is a collaboration with the top artists.

“I thought a collaboration ice cream cake with BTS will be more special than this.”

“The cake is made of the same flavors as the regular ice creams and it’s portions are smaller, but the price is the same as the other cakes? Does that make sense?”

“If the ice cream cake has a smaller portion, shouldn’t the goods come with the cake for free?”

“I don’t understand why they’re charging extra for the goods too”

“The cake doesn’t have anything special, so it’s pricing is unreasonably high”

“I’m never going to buy this”

— Netizens

Baskin Robbins Korea responded to the criticisms where they explained that the cake is priced higher than the other cakes because the blocks of ice cream has to be put together by hand.

The “BTS 7 Cake” is a new product that features 7 different ice cream blocks that were put together handmade.

The manufacturing cost is higher than the regular products and it will be a limited product with only about 30,000 for sale.

— Baskin Robbins

The “BTS 7 Cake” is open for pre-order from July 21 to 23, and will be available for pick up from July 24-25. The regular sales will take place on a later date.

Source: Kyunghyang