Baskin Robbins Sparked Controversy Over Sexual Objectification Of Child Model

The advertisement was taken down after just one day.

Baskin Robbins has sparked controversy over the sexual objectification of child model, Ella Gross, in their recent commercial. On June 28, 2019, Baskin Robbins released a new commercial for their new ice cream, Pink Star, which stars the child model, Ella Gross.

In the commercial, Ella Gross ate ice cream wearing a sleeveless outfit and pink makeup with brightly-colored lipstick.

After seeing the commercial, some viewers criticized the commercial for having portrayed the child model like an adult model and claimed that it was sexually objectifying the model. Others expressed that these claims were exaggerated and that her makeup was simply for the filming of the advertisement.

On June 29th, Baskin Robbins deleted the commercial and posted an explanation on their official social media account in response.

(The commercial) was planned to connect the image of Ella Gross, who has a confident and unique attitude despite her young age, to the image of ‘Pink Star’ and was produced after sufficient prior discussions with the child model’s parents and her agency.

The commercial was filmed under the observation of Ella Gross’s parents and her makeup was done according to the standard level of child models wearing clothing from the children’s clothing brand that she is a model for.

Despite the series of procedures and preparations, we have halted the exposure of the video to actively accommodate to the opinions of customers who feel uncomfortable about Ella Gross’s image in the commercial.

ㅡ Baskin Robbins

The post has since been deleted.