“Battle Trip” To Come To An End Soon

It will be ending soon.

Battle Trip has been confirmed to come to an end soon.

On February 6, it was reported that after 4 years on air, Battle Trip will be ending in March 2020.

The production staff of the show responded to reports, confirming the news.

Battle Trip, which introduced lots of of destinations for traveling on the small screen for the past 4 years, will be airing its last episode on March 27. We would like to thank all viewers who loved Battle Trip.

We did our best to introduce as many different travel destinations to our viewers as we could, to inform them as well as entertain them. We will do our best to give you good information and laughter until the end.


Battle Trip premiered in April 2016, and currently starrs Kim Sook, Kim Jun Hyun and Apink‘s Bomi as the hosts.


The original format of the show focused on a trip competition, where 2 groups of celebrities or individual celebrities would travel to separate destinations, and then later share tips or information about their travel. In 2019, the show was revamped to exclude competition, and instead focused on the relationship of the guests and the destination that they travelled to.

Battle Trip will not air for 2 weeks, on February 7 and 14. The final episode will be broadcasted on March 27.

Chungha and Kyulkyung in Guangzhou for “Battle Trip”.

Are you sad to see Battle Trip end?

Source: Newsen