Film Director Baz Luhrmann Allegedly Wants To Work With Stray Kids’ Felix

He wanted to reach out months ago.

Stray Kids‘ have their share of admirers, but it looks like it’s time to add one more to the list. Renowned film director Baz Luhrmann seems to have his sights set on Felix.

Stray Kids’ Felix | @realstraykids/Instagram

Stray Kids have acquired a star-studded list of fans during their career, including actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

Ryan Reynolds has often shown support to the group since becoming a certified STAY last year. In March he even helped promote the group’s comeback by posting the name of the album, ODDINARY, with a hashtag to his Instagram stories.

| @vancityreynolds/Instagram

Hugh Jackman often likes the members Instagram posts, recently even praising Hyunjin with a comment on one of the idol’s regular art posts.

| @realstraykids/Instagram 

Jackman commented on Hyunjin’s post, which showed the entire process of creating the work.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

And Hyunjin replied with his thanks.

| @realstraykids/Instagram 

Now, it might be time to add another celeb to their ranks. Recently TikToker Edward Zo posted a short behind-the-scenes video of an interview he did with Australian film director Baz Luhrmann for his 2022 film Elvis.

In the TikTok, there’s a brief moment where he’s talking to Luhrmann. Zo, who’s a K-Pop fan, prefaces the clip by saying, “Baz even told me his plan to work with some of our faves.”

Edward Zo | @edwardzo/TikTok 

In the video, the two talk about a mystery K-Pop idol that Luhrmann would want to work with.

Baz Luhrmann: I think (bleep) from (bleep) is Australian.

Edward Zo: What, you know (bleep)?

Baz Luhrmann: I might want to reach out and do something with him.

Edward Zo (left) and Baz Luhrmann (right) | @edwardzo/TikTok 

Though Edward Zo censored the name and group of the K-Pop idol Luhrmann was referring to, fans quickly determined that it was fellow Australian Felix from Stray Kids. STAYs were thrilled.

The video is from a few months ago, and Zo posted a similar one in February that included the same clip. In that TikTok, Baz Luhrmann also says that he has not yet met the idol he is talking about. Since months have passed since then, the pair may have met by now.

Some STAYs have even pointed out that Felix once said that if he wasn’t a singer, he might be an actor in a movie like The Great Gatsby. Baz Luhrmann was, coincidentally, the director of the 2013 film.

But is it possible that it wasn’t a coincidence after all? It’s safe to say fans would love to see Felix take on an acting role.

Whether it is or isn’t a coincidence, fans are proud of the recognition Felix has received from such well-known people in the industry. He definitely deserves it!

Source: TikTok and TikTok (2)

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