BAZAAR China Removes Images Of BLACKPINK Lisa’s Cover Shoot From Their Social Media

Netizens suspect it is due to a Sino-political issue.

With the wave of Chinese celebrities cutting off ties with various brands under the Better Cotton Initiative, companies and brands are scrambling to reposition themselves depending on their stance. For instance, after GOT7‘s Jackson declared he was cutting off ties with Adidas, Shinsegae Duty Free was quick to remove his images from their social media, despite him being their latest model.

On the other hand, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was placed at an unfortunate disadvantage despite her not having participated in any political stance. As Lisa is Thai, she is naturally not a part of Chinese politics. However, her recent cover with BAZAAR China magazine was scrapped from their socials.


Although by no fault of Lisa’s in any way, Lisa’s association with Adidas Originals could have put BAZAAR China in a rough spot. BLACKPINK models for Adidas Originals both domestically in South Korea and globally. As such, many Chinese netizens have speculated that her cover was unfairly removed due to this.

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  • “Maybe it’s because the clothing is made of Xinjiang cotton.”
  • “Because she represents Adidas.”
  • “Maybe it’s because she endorses Adidas.”
  • “Perhaps it’s because she endorses Adidas, and Adidas is boycotting Xinjiang Cotton, so it’s not too good for BAZAAR to be using her for a cover.”
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Fans realized that although Lisa was once featured on BAZAAR China’s Weibo main page…


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… a quick search currently brings up nothing.

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Neither BAZAAR China nor BLACKPINK’s management has addressed the issue directly. Companies under the Better Cotton Initiative include Adidas, Nike, H&M and more. They have voiced out their boycott of Xinjiang cotton. In retaliation, some Chinese have called for the boycott of these brands.



Source: Ettoday