BEAST decides to give up on their name and leave CUBE for good

There is a possibility that BEAST will be promoting under a different name once their contract with Cube Entertainment ends. 

On November 11th, BEAST voiced their decision to split from Cube Entertainment. The statement was from an entertainment personnel that has followed the dispute. The personnel revealed that the members may start a new chapter of their careers. They will sign their contracts this weekend.

The company may take the name from one of BEAST’s songs. This signified how much the company will focus on the group.

Currently, Cube Entertainment owns the copyright for the group’s name. It was one of the main factors that stopped the group from going independent. The members allegedly gave up the fight because of it. The personnel added, “The members are willing to change the group name if Cube Entertainment does not allow it.”

Cube Entertainment formed BEAST back in 2009 as they made their debut with the album, BEAST is the B2ST. BEAST aimed to establish their own agency once their contract expired last October 15th.  They will team with former JYP Pictures producer for this label.

Source: SPOTVNews