BEAST hints at group comeback following Hyunseung solo promotions

For those who have wished for BEAST‘s comeback this year, it looks like your wish will be granted! 

At MBC Music‘s Super Idol opening ceremony held on April 21st at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul, BEAST revealed to the press that BEAST will be releasing an album as a group following the solo promotions and debut of fellow member Hyunseung.

“BEAST’s album will be completed soon, so we hope everyone anticipates it.”

The group further speaks on their recent activities, revealing that they will be holding a fan meeting in Shanghai soon to greet their Chinese fans. “This fan meeting is an opportunity for us to meet more of our fans in China in the future.”

In addition, the popular idol group will be singing the theme song for Super Idol, to which they gave hints that the song will be “bright and lively” just like the title of the show.

Currently, BEAST is also busy with a monthly Japanese music project, in which they have released a new track under their independent label BEAST Music.

Super Idol is a global audition show co-produced between MBC Music and China’s TV Zone in order to create a global idol group. The show will also feature appearances by Kim Jong Kook and The One, in addition to BEAST. It will be broadcast in Korea via MBC Music, MBC Every1, and MBC Queen, and in China via satellite on Anhui.

Source: OSEN