BEAST revealed to have not extended their contract with Cube

Recent reports have revealed that boy group BEAST has not extended their contract with Cube Entertainment despite only a few weeks remaining until its expiration.

According to Star News, BEAST, whose contract was set to expire this mid-October, has already sent their conditions to the agency in order for them to renew. However, with nearly two weeks left in their contract, they have not yet heard back from Cube and the agency has yet to announce on the decision made, making fans even more nervous.

Normally, the status of contracts are revealed to the public weeks prior to the expiration date. However, with D-Day approaching soon, it feels less likely that BEAST’s contract will be renewed, and there is no telling what will happen.

Fortunately, the group’s success gives them additional option even if their contract were not to be renewed, including moving to a different agency to establishing their own agency. The latter seems more likely as the group have released their own music in Japan under their own label, BEAST MUSIC.

Just recently, member Yoseob reassured a fan on social media that the group had no plans on breaking up.

Source: Star News