BEAST shares their hopes that MBLAQ will resolve their contract issues

In a recent interview with My Daily, BEAST spoke on the situation male group MBLAQ is currently facing, as both Lee Joon and Thunder‘s contracts with their agency, J.Tune Camp, near its end. 

The interview was held on October 18th at the Cube Cafe in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, where BEAST spoke on their special 7th mini-album release TIME. BEAST and MBLAQ debuted just days from each other back in October 2009, creating a special bond between the two.

Recently, it was revealed that Lee Joon and Thunder‘s contract with their agency J.Tune Camp was nearing its end, and Korean media portals reported the two members would be withdrawing from MBLAQ following the group’s November concert. Though the news was leaked sooner then expected, J.Tune Camp released a statement saying they were still in the middle of discussions. Lee Joon is looking to go further into his acting career, while Thunder may be returning as a producer or solo artist, the news reports.

On this, the BEAST members showed their support for their rival group, saying, “We hope everything will be resolved.” 

They continued, “We were surprised [to hear the news]. But this isn’t a situation we have a right to speak on. It’s most likely because their contract expired. We are close with the MBLAQ members, but because it’s a sensitive issue, we can’t ask to speak more on it.”

“We’ve always been compared to them since our debut, but we’re grateful to the group. Because we were always compared [to one another] since early into our debut, so we’ve received a lot of help from them. It’s upsetting to hear the news and we hope everything will be resolved.”

MBLAQ will be performing their show “Curtain Call” this coming November.

Meanwhile, BEAST recently released their special 7th mini-album TIME in celebration of their 5th anniversary, with their title track “12:30” recently achieved an all-kill status on online real-time music charts.