BEAST’s Dongwoon finally fulfills his wish to be a radio DJ

BEAST‘s youngest member Dongwoon will finally have his opportunity of being a radio DJ, something that he had wanted to do for a long time!

Dongwoon has received the role as the star DJ for online music site Melon‘s new show Melon Radio. He had frequently revealed through public broadcasts that he has the dream to be a radio DJ, reaching the point that he was nicknamed by fans as a “DJ wannabe.”

Melon explained their rationale of recruiting him and revealed that, “BEAST’s Dongwoon has usually been an MC for a number of programs and showed much sense with his witty tongue, so he was the top candidate we wanted as the star DJ. From real estate to economic jargon, he has a wide range of knowledge so we were looking forward to his performance in future broadcasts even more.”

Celebrating their sixth anniversary this year, BEAST members have had numerous opportunities to develop themselves not only as a group, but also individually according to their own strengths. This will be Dongwoon’s first attempt at being a radio DJ since debut.

A few weeks ago, Dongwoon was one of the guests on SBS’ Running Man, which invited hidden gems from each idol group who usually do not have many opportunities to shine aside from music show promotions.

Melon Radio with Dongwoon will take place on March 17th and continue every Monday.

Source: WOW TV