BEAST’s Hyunseung reflects on his past experiences and current relationship with BIGBANG

BEAST‘s Hyunseung recently commented on how it felt to begin active solo promotions at the same time as BIGBANG.

During a recent interview, after releasing his first solo album MY on May 11th, Hyunseung shared stories about his ambitions for his career and solo album.

Specifically, when he was approached with the question regarding promoting simultaneously with BIGBANG, he replied, “That itself is really great. I’m not trying to draw ties with BIGBANG, but I feel like it is a nice scene to see us at once. We all met for the first time in a survival program, but I was eliminated from the group. If I suddenly disappeared or if BEAST did not gain popularity, then I honestly wouldn’t know what to feel now. But BIGBANG and I today are both in good situations. Because we are all doing well in our circumstances of our lives, I hope everyone supports all of us in our personal endeavours.” 

He also mentioned, “We contact one another once in a while. But we don’t specifically talk a lot just because we meet at broadcasting stations. That would be weirder… I’m glad that we are supporting one another.”

Hyunseung’s solo comeback has been planned to only last for two weeks, however, his awaited comeback timing has coincidentally overlapped with that of BIGBANG. This piqued the interest of fans, as he nearly became a member of BIGBANG after participating in MTV BIGBANG in 2006. The survival show selected the five final members of BIGBANG today. Although Hyunseung lost his spot to Seungri during the final stage of the competition, he eventually made his debut as a member of BEAST.

Source: TV Report