BEAST’s Yoseob to feature in Grammy Award soprano singer Sumi Jo’s upcoming album

BEAST‘s Yang Yoseob and soprano singer Sumi Jo will meet once again through another collaboration track.

On May 14th, Grammy Award soprano singer Sumi Jo revealed the BEAST member in the recording studio on her Instagram through a short video, captioning, “Absolute joy working again wz #양요섭 #Beast for my new Album! #Recording #Studio.”

Yoseob is the only idol to be featured in her new album.

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Additionally on his own Twitter account, Yoseob revealed, “Today is like a dream. Me who still lacks so many things, Sumi Jo sunbaenim gave me a chance to learn many different things. Though it’s my first experience, I really learned a lot!!”

Yoseob and Sumi Jo first encountered one another in 2013, and at the time, the BEAST member appeared at her park concert for a live duet, delivering a perfect harmony for “La Fantasia.” Since then, Sumi Jo has been heard praising Yoseob several times through broadcast on his skills.

The two seem to support each other still as Yoseob recently sent a beautiful basket of roses to Sumi Jo for her most recent concert.

Source: 10Asia and Newsen