Beauty Guru Michelle Phan Posted Her First Video In Two Years

“YouTube’s glory days have come back.”

The video, simply titled “Hello :)”, was uploaded to Michelle Phan‘s eponymously named YouTube channel on September 15 and is currently the #32 video in Trending. Michelle, who is one of the Internet’s original beauty gurus, shared a short video which took viewers into a behind-the-scenes look what it takes to shoot promotional materials for her company Em Cosmetics.

Although the video wasn’t a beauty tutorial, a cursory glance through the comments revealed how deeply missed her presence was within the YouTube beauty community. Comments ranged from viewers simply welcoming her back to others proclaiming she was returning to save the YouTube beauty community, which has seen a number of scandals this year.

YouTube’s glory days have come back 👏🏻👏🏻😩😩

—YouTube user Lolita A.

Are you one of Michelle’s fans? Were you excited to see the upload notification?