Beenzino’s mother comments on German girlfriend, Stefanie Michova

Beenzino’s mother revealed an honest comment towards her son’s girlfriend, German model, Stefanie Michova. 

Recently, Beenzino joined his mother, a known painter, as she held an exhibit of her works from May 6th to 18th. During the exhibit, the two were interviewed by JoongAng Women where they talked about their mother and son relationship.

Speaking warmly of his mother, the rapper revealed that, “Mom’s always been cool and she never pressured me like other moms who would say ‘I worked so hard to raise you, etc.’ She always gives me advice about the present and the future.” 

This led to Beenzino’s mother to explain that, “I never lectured him or try to steer him onto a certain path. I just watched and let him shape who he would turn into. As a mom doing such a thing takes a lot of patience and courage, but I believe that life is about paving your own path.”

Furthermore, when asked about his girlfriend, Stefanie Michova, she positively commented that, “I like her. I respect his decision in the woman he chooses to date and I  think it’s important to respect his decision.”

Recently, the couple gained interest after their photos of their public outings were uploaded and circulated online with some fans poking through their respective Instagram accounts to prove the speculations. The speculations died after the rapper issued a short public statement asking the netizens to respect his private life.

Source: Tenasia