Bella Poarch Might Have Just Revealed That Her Celebrity Crush Is BTS’s RM

We can’t blame her! 🀭

Filipino American social media personality and singer Bella Poarch is the latest celebrity to reveal their BTS bias!

Bella Poarch | @bellapoarch/Instagram

She reposted one of herΒ TikTok videos on Twitter. In it, she depicted the difference in eating styles based on who you eat with. By yourself or with a friend, one will indulge. When with a crush, one eats daintily.

So, it, of course, caused fans to become curious about who Bella might be crushing on right now. So, she was asked, “who’s your crush?” Surprisingly, she revealed not only is she indeed crushing, but she gave a hint as to who it is!

After telling her 678.9KΒ Twitter followers that his name “Starts with an R…. Ens with an M,” people began to suggest who it might be. Could it be Ricky Martin? Others teased other suggestions by altering popular Western celebrities’ names, adding “R” and “M.”Β 

However, for ARMYs, we knew exactly who she was referring to. Besides, Bella is a known ARMY herself and even follows BTS on social media!

She is obviously talking about BTS’s leader RM. Who else could it be?

Unfortunately for Bella, though, there is quite a long line she will have to get behind. There are not only many other ARMYs but 6 other BTS membersΒ andΒ perhaps a pre-existing family?Β πŸ‘€

Despite this, some offered even “dating advice” but was not exactly setting her up for success. Hey, we got to look out for number one, after all.

Source: @bellapoarch