Benedict Cumberbatch Under Fire For Bowing A Certain Way In Front of Koreans

Benedict Cumberbatch ran into problems with his Korean fans when he mistakenly bowed the wrong way twice during his stay in Seoul.

Benedict Cumberbatch arrived in South Korea along with Pom Klementieff, Tom Hiddleston, and Tom Holland to promote the release of Avengers: Infinity War.

The movie is set for release on April 25.


However, as soon as Benedict came out of Arrivals at Incheon International Airport, he made a mistake that had many Korean netizens fuming.


The way Benedict is bowing is more reminiscent of how Buddhists bow in respect, an uncommon way of bowing in Korea.


The proper way to bow in Korea is usually with your hands at your side or folded on top of one another with fingers splayed outwards.


Unfortunately, Benedict Cumberbatch gave it another try later on during the press conference, but received more criticism when he greeted his fans by putting his hands together in a fist while bowing.


This method of bowing is commonly used in China, but not so common in Korea. In Korea, putting your hands in a fist in front of you means you’re apologizing for something; it’s not used as a greeting.


As a result, several netizens were not happy with his series of greetings.


However, you can clearly see Benedict Cumberbatch meant no offense as you can see the greeting for yourself at 0:50. He gives everyone a wave as he enters and quickly bows before heading forward to personally shake the hands of his awaiting fans.

Source: Chosun, Joongang Ilbo and Yeonhap News