Interview Sparks Debate If “SMTM” Rapper BE’O And ITZY’s Lia Used To Date In Their Teens Or Not

Dated or not, they indeed used to be classmates.

A recent interview broadcast featuring the rappers under FameUS Entertainment has sparked rumors that Show Me The Money rapper BE’O and ITZY‘s Lia used to date. Although the two of them are known to be friends from the same high school, it seems that netizens feel there was something more back then.

Pre-debut photographs of Lia show her sitting next to BE’O on an airplane, presumably during a school trip. However, eagle-eyed netizens realized that the two seemed to be wearing silver rings on their fourth fingers.

Although, just this may not prove anything as there are no clear shots of the rings.

However, during a recent interview segment posted on rapper Mc Rap‘s YouTube channel, the topic of past relationships was discussed. The rappers questioned BE’O on his last relationship and who the opposite party was.

  • Mc Rap: “BE’O, when was your last relationship?”
  • San E: “It’s the person who’s initials written down on that paper just now.”
  • Mc Rap: “That’s right, after breaking up with this person, how could you meet someone else?”
  • San E: “After BE’O broke up, he wrote dozens of songs.”
  • Mc Rap: “After dating this person, the next girlfriend has to be of Go So Young level.”

Mc Rap went on to reveal that the person in question is currently an idol, and a famous one at that. It was mentioned that the group was quite well-known. The clip can be watched below.

However, other netizens disagreed and dismissed the matter as a coincidence. A different pre-debut shot shows them in the same photograph but her next to a different classmate. Most claimed that no girl would make a heart in a photograph with another guy when her boyfriend was also present.

Although it seems that netizens are indeed suspicious of the two, thankfully sentiment seems positive about the matter. Teens date and break up all the time and idols are no exception! BE’O was also praised for not revealing the matter by himself despite his labelmates spilling the gossip on his behalf, on broadcast.


Source: pann