Beomhan Clarifies Hongdae Club Incident After TikToker’s “Storytime” Goes Viral

He tells his side of the story.

Recently, a video posted on TikTok, captioned “Hongdae storytime,” gained traction as the OP (original poster) recounted witnessing a well-known K-Pop trainee allegedly attempting to fight a bouncer at a Hongdae club after “skipping the line.

OP explained that the trainee, who they shared was “famous enough that K-Pop stans know [him],” walked past the line to show the bouncer his stamp for re-entry into a Hongdae club. OP then stated that they saw the K-Pop trainee hit the bouncer’s hand and “square up” as if he wanted to fight him.

The TikToker explained that they wanted to share the story to prove to K-Pop fans that they can be “delusional” and “people are not who [fans] think they are,” sharing they felt the trainee, who is known for his kind personality, had an inflated sense of importance.

Comments on the original “Hongdae storytime” video | @headcutedoll/TikTok

The video, which gained over 309,000 views and over 500 comments, had much of the comment section wondering about the identity of the “famous trainee,” while others strongly suspected it was former FM Entertainment trainee Beomhan based on the contextual clues in the video.

Beomhan | @beomhanofficial/Instagram

The trainee’s identity in the story was confirmed by Beomhan himself, who saw the video and explained his recollection of events in a TikTok livestream.

Beomhan began by confirming he was at the club in Hongdae, and revealed he had been inside with friends when he saw things that were “triggering to [him],” and he began to have a panic attack.

I go to the club, right? And I look around, and I’m like- this is not that cool, it kind of stinks and I don’t like it. It’s loud, it’s claustrophobic, it’s sweaty, dancing sucked, and it was lame.

— Beomhan

| @morklee.ent/TikTok 

He explained that he made the decision to leave the club, standing outside to catch his breath while shaking, before his friend came out to convince him to come back in. Beomhan shared that he agreed to re-enter the club, only to grab his stuff.

Since Beomhan had already been in the club, he was able to approach the bouncer at the front of the line to show the stamp he received upon his arrival, which he noted was like anyone else who re-entered and said it wasn’t because “[he is] famous or whatever,” adding that he believes “no one even knows who [he] is.

| @morklee.ent/TikTok 

Beomhan continued, saying the bouncer stopped him and his friend as they attempted to re-enter, and he recalled that the bouncer pushed him “kind of hard,” causing him to push the bouncer’s hand away.

He admitted that he was going through something at the time, and the bouncer’s actions may have been “a little bit exaggerated in [his] head,” but he acknowledged he was wrong for pushing the bouncer’s hand.

It must have been a little bit exaggerated in my head, I was going through something so I pushed his hand away. I’m wrong for that and I apologized to the bouncer afterward. He came up to me and he raised his hands, I don’t want to get punched so I raised my hands… and the whole time I’m backing up [because] I don’t want to fight him, right? But I want to protect myself, I don’t want to get punched.

— Beomhan

| @morklee.ent/TikTok  

Beomhan stated that in the end, the “whole thing was 15 seconds long,” denying that he held up the line with the incident and reiterating that he was allowed to walk past the line to the door because of his stamp for re-entry, which is standard practice for many clubs.

Beomhan recalled that he was eventually escorted into the club by another bouncer to grab his items, and then he left, adding that he apologized to both bounders on his way out.

| @morklee.ent/TikTok 

He concluded by directly acknowledging OP’s video, asking fans to “check [their] source” before forming an opinion about a story in the future.

Comments on the fan-uploaded video of the livestream were supportive of Beomhan, and many wondered why the incident became a big issue in the first place while discrediting the controversial TikToker who posted it.

| @morklee.ent/TikTok 
| @morklee.ent/TikTok 
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