Beomhan Spends Over $700 Of His Own Money On Relief Packages For Fans Affected By Hurricane Ian

He even included handwritten notes!

K-Pop trainee Beomhan revealed his true personality by preparing and gifting care packages to fans in Florida affected by Hurricane Ian.

Beomhan | FM Entertainment

Beomhan is a Chinese American trainee rapper and dancer under FM Entertainment (also known as Fly Music Entertainment). He is a member of the pre-debut group called M.O.N.T Arena.

| @mont_arena/Instagram

While he has not officially made his debut yet, you may already know Beomhan as he often tours the United States with soloist Jay Chang and both are active on social media. They frequent K-Pop festivals and events, working as baristas and servers, as well as performing as part of last year’s Kpop Rookie Trainee Show.

Their latest event was working as baristas at BoraSoo Cafe in Davie, Florida, on October 1 and 2.

Some had mixed reactions to Beomhan coming to Florida…

This past week, Florida has suffered the “deadliest hurricane” in its history. Hurricane Ian caused flooding, and at least 83 people lost their lives.

Flooding and water usage concerns persisted Sunday in parts of Florida, where officials said more than 80 people died after Hurricane Ian barreled through the state. As searches continued in some of the hardest-hit Florida beach communities, Ian’s remnants moved northeast through Virginia as a weakened storm, bringing rain and the risk of limited flooding to parts of the Mid-Atlantic.

Here are the latest developments:

  • In Florida, more than 80 people died in the hurricane, according to rapidly shifting state and local accounts, including 42 in Lee County on the southwest coast. Four people died in storm-related incidents in North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper said.

  • Some residents of St. Cloud, Fla., were urged to evacuate on Sunday because of rising floodwaters. Parts of that area that had never previously flooded were experiencing high water levels, officials said.

  • In Orlando, where the sewer system was damaged by Ian, residents were asked to conserve water.

  • President Biden and the first lady, Jill Biden, will travel this week to Puerto Rico to survey the damage left by Hurricane Fiona two weeks ago. They will then head to Florida to assess recovery efforts from Hurricane Ian.

— New York Times

Screenshot on October 3, 2022. | Google

Beomhan did not travel to Florida unaware, though. Ahead of the event, he shared that he would be putting together relief packages using his own money.

| @thepickledfrog_/Twitter

So, at the cafe event, Beomhan asked fans if they were affected by the hurricane. He explained how he had prepared relief packages for them.

Before I came to Florida, I heard there was a hurricane. …My mom sent me like this news article. It was in Chinese. And it was sharks on the road. So, I was like, ‘I don’t know why I’m coming to Florida,’ but I decided to take the opportunity… I prepared care packages.

— Beomhan

Beomhan ended up spending over $700 USD of his own money to prepare relief packages for fans affected by Hurricane Ian. It included necessities like dental care, but he even included heartfelt handwritten notes.

I spent like $700 to $800. A bunch of money. So, here I hope this helps. There’s flashlights, there’s hand sanitizer, there’s snacks, dental stuff, there’s a handwritten note too. If the hurricane washed away your toothbrushes, you have Listerine. I don’t know…

— Beomhan

Fans are in awe of how sweet and thoughtful he is! Naturally, he is going viral online for it. The video below has 121.4K views and 41.7K likes at the time of writing.


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♬ original sound – Jillian

Even after spending his money on the care packages, another fan revealed that he offered to buy her drink for her.


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♬ original sound – ary ❦

The world could use more guys like Beomhan! He is too sweet.

Source: New York Times and dreamer06_

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