Berry Good’s Gowoon And Seoyul Leave The Group

We wish the best for the girls going forward.

Today it was confirmed by the company and both girls that Berry Good‘s Gowoon and Seoyul are leaving the group. Their contracts were entering their 7th year and both have decided not to renew them.

Gowon posted to Instagram to say goodbye to her fans.

Here is a small excerpt of her statement:

Thank you to everyone who loved Berry Good’s Gowoon… I think I’m scared to go back to being Moon Yu Jeong instead of Gowoon because I loved Berry Good so much. I didn’t even realize how much time had passed. Sometimes I didn’t like it, but there were valuable moments.


She went on to apologize to fans and to thank the company and her members. She also hoped that the group remains a good memory even though there were hardships and that people support her through her new activities.

| @BerryGood2014/Twitter

She will supposedly be continuing her activities by her real name, Moon Yu Jeong.

She has recently released a solo song, “City Lights” two days ago:

Seoyul also took to Instagram to thank Very Berry for their support.

Here is an excerpt of her farewell:

I want to thank the CEO and the company staff who worked hard for Berry Good. Thank you for realizing the vague dreams of a high school girl.

Most of the days I was happy doing Berry Good, but there were times when I was heartbroken.
As time went by, it became a precious memory.
Now, with those unforgettable memories in my mind, I’m going to make a fresh start.


She, of course, also thanked the members and fans and hope that she can gain support for any future activities.

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Once the girls revealed this, JTG Entertainment confirmed with a final statement.

Berry Good members Gowoon and Seoyul’s have contracts expired today. They will halt all official activities for Berry Good and pursue their own endeavors from here on. We apologize for concerning the fans with this sudden update.

We thank Seoyul and Gowoon for all their hard work during their time with Berry Good. We wish the best of luck to the two with whatever they decide to do in the future. We feel forever grateful to the fans who showed undying love and support for Seoyul and Gowoon.

Going forward, Berry Good’s Johyun and Sehyung will continue to promote as the group. They will also actively pursue building their careers in acting and TV entertainment. Johyun will appear in the movie, Hypnosis, as the female lead—set to premiere in March. Sehyung also looks forward to appearing in different shows as an actress and TV personality.

Again, we ask that you please continue to support Gowoon and Seoyul as they embark on their paths beyond Berry Good. Thank you.

—JTG Entertainment

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No statement has been made about member Daye who has been on hiatus due to health problems. Although the company confirmed Johyun and Sehyung will continue promoting, fans are still fearful for the group’s future and have trended #ThankYouBerryGood.

The group’s latest song released on Jan 19 of this year: