Berry Good Might Not Promote Their Comeback On Music Shows

The agency made its statement after Taeha’s departure.

After the announcement of Berry Good‘s leader Taeha not renewing her contract with JTG and leaving the group, the company has announced that promotions for the track may be difficult, and it is highly likely they will not perform the track on music shows.

Taeha was the main vocal of the group, and the agency said that she had the most parts out of all the members in their new song “Oh! Oh!” Now that she has left the group, the remaining five members have to reorganize the line distribution and choreography to perform on stage.

The agency claims that reconstructing the song will be difficult, especially since the comeback is meant to be in two days. It will be risky to perform the track so soon.

As of now, the agency is still in discussions if the girls will make appearances on the 27th for Simply K-Pop and the 28th for The Show.

Source: Daum