10+ Best ARMY Reactions To BTS V’s “Love Me Again” Music Video

It’s a great day to be an ARMY! 

Our boy V, also known as Taehyung, just dropped “Love Me Again,” the first track from his much-awaited solo album Layover. And, as always, ARMYs were quick to share their love and thoughts — some of which made for a bunch of pretty hilarious tweets.

V in the “Love Me Again” music video. | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

1. Sweet Serenade

Imagine being serenaded by V’s honeyed voice. Lucky are those who experience it, and it seems ARMY feels the same!

2. Love Maestro

V’s in-depth understanding of love shines through his lyrics, making fans swoon and connect on an emotional level.

3. He Is Different

We guess there’s just no competition when it comes to V’s heartfelt confessions.

4. Vintage V

A flashback to the 90s with blinding lights, shiny clothes, and an emotive ballad. V just knows how to play with nostalgia.

5. Mystery Lover

ARMYs’ innate detective mode got activated as they wondered about the muse behind the song.

6. Red Hot V

Mama knows best! And when V appeared in that sleeveless red top, he indeed did justice to her words.

7. Imaginary Breakups

When the song hits so hard that your imaginary relationships get affected, you know it’s a classic V track.

8. Unrequited Love?

ARMYs left wondering and yearning, echoing the very sentiments of the song.

9. Badass Exit

Probably how V felt after dropping this banger.

10. Stalactite Stanning

Fans are ready to become stalactites just to be a part of V’s mesmerizing cave serenade.

11. Vampire Vibes

The gothic, ethereal setting of the cave had fans drawing vampire connections. And honestly? We’re here for vampire V.

All in all, “Love Me Again” has clearly struck a chord with fans worldwide. What a beautiful start to the Layover era. We can’t wait to see and hear more from V!