K-Pop Choreographer Bada Lee Picks The 6 Best Idol Dancers From SM Entertainment

Even she’s amazed by how talented the six idols are.

Choreographer Bada Lee has worked with many big-name K-Pop idols such as BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, GOT7, and many SM Entertainment groups like EXO. Having worked with so many idols, she named some of the ones who were extraordinary.

When asked about which idols were the best dancers, Bada Lee confirmed there were a lot of talented ones. She decided to name six SM Entertainment idols who took the crown with their skills.

She named EXO’s legendary dancer Kai and NCT 127‘s beloved dancer Taeyong. Bada Lee then chose a few more NCT members.

The choreographer was amazed by WayV‘s Ten and NCT 127’s Jungwoo. There were two more SM Entertainment idols who caught her eye.

Bada Lee was also a fan of NCT DREAM‘s Jisung and aespa‘s Karina.

Watch Bada Lee named the SM Entertainment idols who are such talented dancers that she’s stunned by their skills.