Here Are The Best Reddit Responses About The (Just Released) Original Choreography Video for TWICE’s “TT”

Can you spot the differences?

ONCEs went into a tizzy when K-Pop dance crew FreeMind dropped their never before seen original choreography video for TWICE’s “TT”.

Although famous K-Pop choreographer Lia KIM has been credited for creating “TT”, it seems like JYPE had initially reached out to FreeMind before deciding to go in another direction.

However, to the surprise of ONCEs, the video shows that some of the iconic dance moves in the official choreography actually originated from FreeMind and not Lia KIM.

After the video was posted on the K-Pop subreddit, redditors went wild analyzing the video and comparing the two choreographies.

They also commented about whether FreeMind’s version would have made the song as big of a viral hit as Lia KIM’s was, and how cool it was to see someone else’s take on the choreography.

Some of our favorite responses include:

While we love the official choreography JYPE and Lia KIM went with, we love seeing an alternate take. It’s a nice “what could have been” moment to think about!