BESTie’s rising popularity may lead to their debut in China

Girl group, BESTie, is rapidly gaining popularity in China without official marketing and promotion in the Chinese entertainment market.

Releasing their vibrant second mini album’s title track “Excuse Me,” it has since nabbed first place on Tudou‘s real time music charts as of May 29th. Additionally, the ‘Eye Contact Version’ of the music video surpassed 5,602,124 views on BESTie’s official Facebook page, proving their popularity beyond Korea and China.

An affiliate from Tudou stated, “Currently, BESTie is receiving the hottest attention among all other Korean girl groups. BESTie’s fancy looks, styles, and bold stage manners have earned the hearts of many Chinese fans.” Following, their agency, YNB Entertainment, commented, “Previously they placed at higher ranks on Chinese video website ‘아이치이’ for the music video chart as well, earning much popularity in China. We would like to thank the Chinese fans.”

As this popularity was achieved despite the absence of promotions in China, many are speculating whether BESTie will officially step into the Chinese entertainment market as well.

Source: Herald Corp