BH Entertainment responds to speculations of Lee Byung Hun’s return to his Hollywood film schedules

Actor Lee Byung Hun has been in Korea taking care of his newborn son and his wife Lee Min Jung, leaving many speculating as to when he will resume his Hollywood film schedules and whether he will return for the releases of all his upcoming films, including Swords Women and The Insiders.

According to Lee Byung Hun’s agency, BH Entertainment, “Lee Byung Hun is still remaining in Korea taking care of Lee Min Jung. His departure schedules have not been confirmed yet.”

Additionally, the release dates of Swords Women and The Insiders have not been confimed as well. Lotte Entertainment commented, “Release date is still undecided (for ‘Swords Women’). We are still in discussion,” and Show Box Entertainment mentioned, “Although we are still in talks, release date is to be announced,” for the film The Insiders.

Just last week on March 31st, the couple’s agencies, BH Entertainment and MS Team Entertainment, released a joint press statement welcoming news of the birth of their first baby boy.

Lee Byung Hun has left a message through his agency, mentioning, “It’s one of the moments when you feel thankful and cherish the word ‘family.’ Most of all, with the birth of a thankful life, I am able to deeply contemplate what is most important. I will pay my dues with what I owe from the disappointment I have caused and try my best to show the most of me. Hope you all give warm regards to the mother and the new born child.”

Source: Osen