B.I Sent Customized Shoes To Destiny Rogers And Tyla Yaweh And We Can’t Get Enough Of His Thoughtful Gift

He even wrote a sweet note with the gift!

B.I has announced that his new single “Got It Like That” featuring Destiny Rogers and Tyla Yaweh will be released this Friday, May 14.

| Arena Homme+

To celebrate the upcoming release and thank Destiny and Tyla, B.I sent the two of them customized shoes. Tyla received a red pair with “Got It Like That” written across the front.

Destiny on the other hand received a matching orange pair, along with a handwritten letter from B.I saying he saw she was into sneakers lately!

The shoes are from Ferker, and cost ₩198,000 KRW (about $177 USD) each. Fans can’t get over how sweet and thoughtful his gift was, and are excited for his new single to drop at the end of this week!