B.I Was Directly Asked If He Has Ever Been In Love, And He Didn’t Dodge The Question

We love an honest B.I!

B.I is making a name for himself in the entertainment industry as a solo artist. He made a splash earlier this year when he dropped his pre-release single “BTBT” (Feat. DeVita), a song from his upcoming global album project.

This track told the story about love at first sight in which the attraction to the other person made it impossible to walk straight. B.I discussed this idea of love, his album’s use of this concept, and his own experiences in a new interview with HERO.


One of the questions poised to him was something that current K-Pop idols would not typically be allowed to answer due to the possibility of backlash: “Have you ever been in love?”

Rather than dodge the topic or say a joke in its place, B.I answered honestly. He said that he has yet to experience a true romance, but he does look forward to it.

Interviewer: Have you been in love?

B.I: Not too seriously yet. I wish to be in that kind of love someday.

B.I | @shxxbi131/Instagram

He was also asked about his own history with romantic love, particularly what the best part about it is. Answering with a laugh, he said that the emotional high of a relationship is what he finds most appealing.

I can’t tell you exactly, but if people are falling in love, then we can feel alive. I think that’s the best thing.

— B.I


He clarified that while romantic love is “important in life to experience,” it is not the only kind that is great. Familial love, friendship, and even the passion of a fan are meaningful as well in his eyes.

Definitely, it’s very important. But I don’t only mean that passionate, romantic love, it can be towards anyone like family, friends or co-workers. Just like I have my fans to give and receive love from, it can be felt through anyone, really.

— B.I


B.I’s global project album, Love or Loved (L.O.L), is set to be released soon. He said that the songs will tackle the idea of passionate love that the youth feel.

First of all, the story is about the love of youth across four or five songs. You’ll be seeing a wider range of styles through this new EP. I want to showcase music with more maturity this time and present a new spectrum. The overall message is ‘let’s fall in love and completely dive into feelings we may grow to be cautious of as we get older.’

— B.I

Check out the album announcement trailer below.

Source: HERO and Instagram


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