How B.I Went From Being Just An Epik High Fan To Tablo’s Brother In Music

What a successful fan!

It’s every fan’s dream to have a chance to meet their idols, let alone come to consider them family. When BuzzFeed asked B.I about the first time he was starstruck, he revealed that this fantasy was his reality.

He began by sharing that the first person he was starstruck by was Tablo of Epik High. B.I shared that he had been a long-time fan and was even musically inspired by the group.

When we first met, I was so happy because I’ve always been a fan. I’ve always appreciated Epik High’s music, especially their lyrics. So even now, I find inspiration from them.


The interaction didn’t end with just musical inspiration. B.I shared that “he takes care of me like a real brother.

While some may think this is an exaggeration, B.I then gave an example of just how caring Tablo truly is.

Also, when it comes to Tablo, he takes such good care of me. He even texted me today. “How are you doing? Are you having fun?” He always looks after me and worries after me.


Fans of either of the pair might not be too surprised to hear about this brotherly relationship. Not only do the two share similar personalities, but they’ve also collaborated musically multiple times over the years, including on Epik High’s “Born Hater” and “Acceptance Speech” and on B.I’s “Stay” from his solo album Waterfall.

Before the question ended, B.I made sure to adorably give his thanks to Tablo for all of his care and then added a plug for Epik High’s music for good measure.

I always want to express my gratitude to him. Thank you, brother. Check out Epik High music on Spotify!


We love seeing such supportive relationships within the industry. To see the rest of B.I’s interview about his “First Times,” check out the video below: