B.I’s First Full-Length Album Featuring Tablo, Lee Hi Tops iTunes Album Chart In 20 Countries

Congrats to him!

Singer B.I’s first full-length album since debut has taken over the charts since its release.

As of June 1, his first solo full-length album, WATERFALL, ranked No. 1 on the iTunes Album Chart in 20 counties.

The album also came in second on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart as well as number one on China’s QQ Music Best-Selling Daily Album Chart.

His title track, “illa villa” topped the iTunes Song Chart in 17 countries as well.

As this is his first full-length solo album since debut, he has prepared long and hard for the release by writing and producing all twelve tracks on the album.

He also featured popular artists including Tablo and Lee Hi.

Source: osen